Bethsaida Missionary Union - Non-profit / Charity

BMU Policy

BMU is an independent, Christian non-profit organization and is not affiliated with any particular corporation, church denomination, or local church. BMU is run by all members (our Lord Jesus Christ guides us to serve BMU), and all officers serve BMU as a volunteer basis.

FINANCE (earning・expenditure)

  • Member name may or may not be anonymous for finance purpose.
  • Monthly financial reports such as a bank statement shall be posted in the webpage (“Finance Report” menu).
  • A donation receipt will be sent to the donor upon request.
  • An annual financial report shall be distributed to all members or posted in the webpage, which must include monthly total donations and specification on monthly earnings and expenditures.

Select a mission to support

  • Once members share information on an active missionary, mission scale, and financial aspects, the final mission or on-site missionary will be selected by member vote.
  • After the selection, trip schedule or information on expenses such as issued checks and receipts is posted on the webpage.
  • Any member who is willing to visit a mission region for constructing a church building or a short-term mission shall be responsible for his or her own travel expenses. BMU does not pay travel cost for the participating member.
  • Everything else is decided by gathering the opinions of members.